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As a website designer, it is my job to celebrate my clients; most of which are local small businesses in my community. I step into their shoes to learn what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. To help understand their client base, I observe outside their business from the perspective of a customer to create the most effective custom website for their needs. Providing a professional online experience for both the business owner and the consumer is the goal. The end product (a small business website) is an essential marketing tool to connect businesses to their community, and I am grateful for each and every project.

To better serve our local business owners, I am featuring them in a local business spotlight. Learn more about how they are adjusting to our current situation, and what message they have to share with all of you.

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Let's hear from Karin Lihzis of The Alpha Group

Karin LihzisHow is your business adjusting to our current world situation?

We are open! We are working from home just as we would in the office. We are serving our essential businesses in the food, medical, and manufacturing industries with staffing, payroll, and placement.

Have your product or service offerings changed to adjust to the needs of your customers?

A lot of what we did before and even more so now is available online. Those looking for jobs are filling out our online website form from their computers or mobile phones. We are handling job applications the same way. While we have always had the capability to perform job interviews virtually we are now performing them all virtually.

We have found that interviewees are less hesitant and more comfortable in their own home and the interview process is surprisingly even more successful than in person. I would also add that two months ago people were not as willing to do virtual interviews, but the population as a whole has now become accustomed to online tools and the attitude toward doing them as changed for the positive.

How do you serve your customers differently now that social distancing is enforced?

Our business clients that are deemed essential have strict protocols in place and we follow strict protocols as well. For the time being we can do our job from home and so that is how we are operating. We are serving our clients in a time when they need us most.

What message would you like to put out there to your current and potential customers?

We understand people are cautious, and it’s too early to tell how and when everyone will be back to work. We want to let everyone know that we are here and we can find you a job. Currently we have more jobs than we have people. Some jobs are even virtual. I would like to add that we are in need of specialty talent, check out our website for more details.

Is there anything you would like to add?

As we look forward to what the future holds for employment I think the amount of jobs offered with some portion being allowed to work from home will increase due to our experience over the last several weeks. Technology is only getting better, we can do so much online. Where many were apprehensive about working remotely now find it to be natural, relaxing, and more affective.

At Alpha we can serve anybody anywhere and we look forward to learning what the new normal will bring to employment.

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"Working with Robin has been excellent! From our initial brainstorming meeting to implementation, we felt like Robin was always accessible and willing to answer any questions we had. Her attention to detail is on-point, and she is truly a pleasure to work with. We really appreciate all of the guidance she provided, and value the time she put in to ensuring each aspect of the website captured who we are as a company."

Hayley Ienello
Accounting Coordinator at The Alpha Group


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