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As a website designer, it is my job to celebrate my clients; most of which are local small businesses in my community. I step into their shoes to learn what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. To help understand their client base, I observe outside their business from the perspective of a customer to create the most effective custom website for their needs. Providing a professional online experience for both the business owner and the consumer is the goal. The end product (a small business website) is an essential marketing tool to connect businesses to their community, and I am grateful for each and every project.

To better serve our local business owners, I am featuring them in a local business spotlight. Learn more about how they are adjusting to our current situation, and what message they have to share with all of you.

Ryco Excavating Website

Let's hear from Mike Diamond of RYCO Excavating

RYCO TruckingHow is your business adjusting to our current world situation?

Initially we saw a sharp decline in orders. With an unstable market, construction is generally one of the few industries to feel the first effects of a good, bad, or in this case nervous economy. But luckily that didn't last more than a week or two as everyone seems to have somewhat adapted.

Have your product or service offerings changed to adjust to the needs of your customers?

RYCO is still business as usual for the most part. We have however noticed a small uptick in homeowner orders and deliveries at our material yard. I'd say that's probably partially due to our website & social media presence, and partially due to many people being home right now with more free time looking for small landscaping or light construction jobs to tackle on their properties.

How do you serve your customers differently now that social distancing is enforced?

Whenever possible we are trying to limit paper exchanges between customers and employees to help keep everyone healthy.

What message would you like to put out there to your current and potential customers?

Like everything in life, with time, this too shall pass. We are hopeful that our current customers as well as potential new customers can appreciate that RYCO always tries to adapt to any and all situations as best we can.

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"Web Design by Robin was extremely easy to work with. Robin and Sheri were able to take my initial design concept and run with it, making suggestions and tweaks that made the completed website far exceed my expectations. Add to that the fact that they completed the project on time as promised, which is rare by many businesses nowadays, and it was an all around positive experience."

Michael Diamond
Operations Manager at Ryco Excavating