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Spotlight Client: Vlaco Marine - Middleboro, MA

Duane Vlaco is a Massachusetts Maritime graduate who grew up on a farm in Middleboro, Massachusetts. He started his business, Vlaco Marine, to fulfill the dream of owning and operating his own business on the water. Duane wanted a website so he could have a place to send potential clients so they could see his capabilities and past projects. He reached out to Web Design by Robin because she had done the website for his brother Ryan's business, RYCO Excavation.

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

The first thing we did for Duane, was create his logo from his own hand-drawn sketch. He was getting t-shirts made and needed the artwork files to send to the printer. Duane is one of those clients that really knows what he wants. We really like that about him.

Next, we listened to him tell us all about his marine construction business. This was our first website for a marine construction company and we had a lot to learn. He told us, that's okay I don't know anything about website design. We learned that his business consisted of five key service offerings; dock/pier construction, his truckable barge (which is very cool, by the way), land/sea pile driving, yacht management, and other services. This final page is a catchall for things like crane services, repairs, emergency response, transportation, and salvage.

We found that images told the story of what he does so much clearer than words and so imagery became a primary focus of the design. We used large bold images on his homepage to showcase the five key services as a rotating background. We also used images for the service click-through buttons - very few words, lots of images. For the individual service pages, Duane requested the ability to add new images to them when he worked on new jobs. Therefore we created a gallery at the bottom of each page. Duane put a lot of thought into the selection of these images so that they show a wide variety of what he does and the extent of his capabilities.

It was a really fun project to work on and we look forward to watching his new business grow and thrive.

Launch date: February 2020

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"The design process was enjoyable. Working with Robin was a pleasure. Robin is a top notch web designer and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get their business recognized on the internet."

Duane Vlaco
Owner, Vlaco Marine LLC


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