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  • Custom Web Development for a Talent Recruiting Company
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Desktop Website Design and Mobile Website Design for a Talent Recruiting Company

Business Website Solution

MainSail Search Associates, Inc. are dedicated search partners, with a deep market knowledge and recruiting expertise collaborating with clients large and small in a myriad of industries. The website design is based on a powerful message, "The mainsail is the most important part of a boat - it keeps you going in the right direction. Your employees are your most vital asset; they keep you afloat and moving forward." The theme is carried throughout in a clean professional manner. A mobile version of the website was also designed.

Project History

MainSail was a brand new business that came to us right at the beginning. It was important to get a website live quickly when you go into business for yourself. You spend time and money early on marketing and you need that professional website for interested parties to find and validate your business with. We worked quickly to create and launch MainSail Search.  The message is clear - we are open for business!

Launch date: April 2017

Check out this custom designed desktop and mobile website for a talent recruiting company. The business owner can update the content themselves in a safe environment.

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"I left Robin a voice message and we spoke the next day. I had been having issues with another designer for the prior 3 weeks trying to get my site created and launched. It took a few calls and emails with Robin and her team and within a week and a half, my site was created. I cannot even tell you how many compliments I have received on the design and functionality of the site. I would highly recommend Robin and her team to anyone who is looking for assistance. A great design eye, lots of communication and a very professional approach!! Thank you so much!!"

Mike Fernando
Owner of MainSail Search Associates