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Sweet Stuff Bake Shop is a Norton based business serving the community with mouth watering baked goods limited only by your imagination. Melanie is a master at what she does, you have to see her cake decorating, it is amazing. If you are around the area and ask where I can buy a personalized cake - Sweet Stuff Bake Shop and Melanie is the name you will hear recommended. And if you have a student at Wheaton College that you love, you have sent them her treats at one time or another for sure.

The website is designed to showcase cakes, cookies, cupcakes, sticky buns, in an overwhelming yummmm style that you just can't resist. It is a deliciously designed website that is also mobile responsive. Order online today and enjoy!

Sweet Stuff Bake Shop did not have a website prior to hiring us, this is an original design. Before the website they communicated with their customers on facebook, by email and by phone. The website streamlined their orders. Social media is still a large part of their marketing plan, however now they increased credibility and gained control of their online presence with a beautifully designed business website.

Launch date: July 2017

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"Robin is a sheer pleasure to work with.  She provides a clean and professional looking product and does so in a no-nonsense manner.  She was persistent but not pushy, organized yet not overbearing.  Designing my website with Robin was an all-around great experience!  I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a new site design."

Melanie Barrick
Owner of Sweet Stuff Bake Shop

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