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Spotlight Client: Sherborn Fuel - Sherborn, MA

Alex Weatherall is the current owner of Sherborn Fuel, a gas station and convenience store located on Route 27 in Sherborn, MA. After 10 years of ownership, he decided he was ready to create a business website to promote all the services of this wonderful store. His store provides many conveniences that the residents of Sherborn and the surrounding communities just don't know about. It was time to showcase all the store has to offer. I soon learned just how unique this gas station convenience store is and enjoyed working on this project with Alex tremendously.

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

Alex already had a logo, signs, and general brand for the store that he had been using for years. All he needed was the website. It was our job to organize the extensive offerings into a simple pattern that made it easy and fast for customers to locate what they needed. We used a visually impactful approach with a classy and stylish design. We kept it simple and let the pages flow naturally. Once we had the layout and color schemes picked out we got to work on building the pages with professional photography and easy to read descriptions and product lists.

During our initial consultation, we learned that Sherborn Fuel had a long and rich history in the town of Sherborn and that Alex loved sharing this history with the customers and the community. What makes Sherborn Fuel unique from other gas station convenience stores is its history and ties to the community. This very spot on South Main Street has been host to mom & pop retail for 110 years. Our favorite page on the website is the history page. Alex provided us with a history timeline documented with stories and the photos to go along with them.

Alex continues the tradition by offering locally made products that he is dedicated and proud to display prominently at the store. The store also includes Rustic Pizza, a Dunkin' Donuts, and a Middlesex Savings Bank ATM. They really do have everything you need and then some.

When I was first approached to work on this project, I had no idea what a gem this store truly is and what a pleasure it would be to learn about it and work with its owner, Alex. I hope the community enjoys the website as much as I have. I'm certain they will.

Launch date: November 2020

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"Two Years after Robin: Looking Back Gratefully"

"My gas station convenience store in a little town west of Boston didn’t have an internet presence until Robin built me a website 2+ years ago. I had a hunch I’d be grateful for Robin’s work, but about all I knew for certain was I needed to get something out there and let people respond to it. And letting people respond was the key point: in creating my site, Robin tailored everything she did to search engine optimization. SEO is crucial for optimizing any consumer-facing website, but especially so with a c-store: think of drivers Googling “gas station near me” or “c-store near me”.

"We launched my site late in the first year of the pandemic, November 2020. And oh boy, have people responded. Compared to 2019, the last full pre-pandemic year, my store’s before-and-after results are astonishing. In-store sales are up 28.5% and gasoline gallon sales are up 21.3%. Can I credit Robin’s work? Sure I can. Year-on-year SEO metrics tell the story: in 2022 clicks were up 27.1%; click-through rate was up 46.6%; requests for driving directions were up 41.0%. I only wish I’d found Robin sooner!"

Alex Weatherall
Managing Member, Sherborn Fuel, LLC


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