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Meet our client

Brian Travers, the New England Scientific Refrigeration owner, is an experienced authorized service provider and business owner located in Bridgewater, MA. Brian and his team excel at what they do in a niche market. While his business is local to Massachusetts, he travels to his customers around the globe. At this stage in his company, getting a website was a top priority.

How we help them succeed

Brian Travers has been working in this industry since he was a teenager. He knows the business inside and out, having first worked for someone else and then later on opening his own business. Now that he is established with a talented team and a healthy book of business, Brian was ready to invest in a website representing where his company is today and where he wants it to go. He hired Web Design by Robin to create a custom website that took his ideas and brought them to life.

We were tasked to create a unique design that spoke to the technical side of the business.  At the same time, we provided a clear message and clean look that was easy to understand and navigate. To help us understand what Brian does, we explored who he supports. We learned that he provides essentially the same service to all three of his customer types. It sometimes makes the most sense in marketing to identify the target audience and appeal to them specifically.  So although his scientific refrigeration servicing is by and large the same each time with only slight variations, the customers do land in very distinct industries; biotech, environmental, and specialty. By identifying this upfront, a potential customer receives a clear message that NESR has a solution to their problem.

The website style incorporated his worldwide reach in combination with the technology industry he serves. The banner image represents the units he works on, allowing recognition without being too specific. This is not a content-heavy site.  It is more a guided tour of who NESR is, who they serve, and how you can hire them. The about page highlights all their best qualities.  The faqs page has answers for all those questions everyone is thinking about. The website is simple, simple in a good way – clear messaging with little distraction is on point. 

Launch date: May 2020

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"Working with Robin is easy. Her ability to work with her clients and her patience is world-class. Robin more than exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed working with a team that understands that small business owners are consistently being pulled in different directions. Sometimes that required delays (on my end) in providing content to Robin. I enjoyed the patience and understanding she showed with managing these shortcomings. Without her diligence, we would have never made it through this process. Because of Robin, we finally have a presence online. Working with Web Design by Robin was a fantastic experience. The relationship yielded a website I would not have been able to build myself. I tried the "DIY" online website building companies but found that they came up short, and were very generic. I couldn't be happier with the results of working with Web Design by Robin. Highly recommend!"

Brian Travers
Owner, NESR Inc.


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