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Custom Responsive Website Design for a propane company

Spotlight Client: Propane Plus

Tim Johnson, a Dighton native, was born into the propane business. He’s been serving families and companies across the region ever since. Now, 30 years later, Propane Plus has two locations and thousands of customers throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Tim’s sons, Nick and Dan, have both driven delivery trucks and accompanied staff on service calls, so it looks like a third-generation might take up the torch. Propane Plus is here to stay, which made investing in a website that will carry them to the next generation an easy decision to make.

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

Website Design by Robin was hired to develop the website for Propane Plus and worked along with a strong marketing team. The team consisted of a graphic designer, content writer, photographer, digital marketers, and an SEO specialist. The project spanned 6 months and included many photoshoots, extensive content research, and branding.

As the developer on the project, it was our job to set up the staging platform and build the new site starting with the organization of pages and content. As design elements were approved, we moved on to design and finished with functionality. The final site is mobile responsive, secure, and most importantly representative of who they are and what they want to become as the next generation moves up into the business.

Tim and his staff were given the ability to make content changes to the website. Additionally, the site is covered by our maintenance plan which will keep the site healthy and safe moving forward. After the website launch in January 2021, an SEO specialist took the reins and set up a strategy to optimize the website along with the Propane Plus brand online.

This truly was a fantastic group effort and the end product - the website - shows a hard-working, family-owned business, that lives and serves its community with compassion and humility.

It was a pleasure to work with Tim and the team. We love providing websites that help grow our local economy and promote locally owned businesses, like Tim’s!

Launch date: January 2021

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