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Website Design for Consulting Firm

Spotlight Client: Obbagy Consulting

Obbagy Consulting, established in 2015, is a registered and certified women-owned business enterprise that serves clients in the greater Boston area and throughout the United States. With over 25 years of experience, owner Jane Obbagy assists organizations in enhancing ESG performance. She has completed over 1000 projects and is the recipient of multiple awards for providing outstanding service to clients in undertaking high visibility and complex project work.

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Website Design

Jane Obbagy of Obbagy Consulting is a subject matter expert in a highly specialized and high-profile field. Our job began with understanding the industries and clients she works with and the services she provides so that we could create a website that is both intuitive and thought-provoking.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, and refers to the three key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact in a business or industry. We divided the services into two categories; ESG Scan and Operationalizing ESG. Each was represented on the website beautifully using words, icons, and imagery. We used calls to action throughout the website to guide potential clients to take action.

It is not enough to explain why ESG is vital for companies and investors; we also need to convince them that the person to work with is Jane Obbagy. We did this by telling her story, providing an impressive list of case studies and publications, and featuring her certifications and credentials.

We enjoyed working with Jane on this website design project. Her new website will serve her well as she can add recent case studies and market to new clients.

Logo Design

obbagy consulting logo design

The logomark for Obbagy Consulting is comprised of three leaflike shapes that are exactly the same except for their color and orientation. Together they form a circle, and become part of a whole. Removing one piece would affect the integrity of the logo – they are all of equal importance, just as with ESG it is important for a company to be equally cognizant of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors in their business. Typography studies helped Jane to choose a font that fit the feel that she wanted for her logo and company. It was then customized to match the appearance of the symbol by altering the “B” and “A” letterforms and making the logo mark and font the same line weight. Color sketches focused on earth tones, with the final selection being this muted green in various tints for the logo. The result is a cohesive, professional and memorable logo design for Obbagy Consulting.

Project Launch date: November 2022

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"Excellent service and delivery by Web Design by Robin. Robin is easy to work with and completes work on time. She aims to please by developing web design layouts to address business needs. I enjoyed the experience and the new website!

Jane Obbagy
Owner, Obbagy Consulting


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