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Custom Responsive Website Design for a DME company

Spotlight Client: Lift & Care Systems Inc.

In 1993, Dave Austin established Lift & Care Systems, Inc. to distribute the famous Handi-Move International product line of patient lift systems, known as SureHands. Over the years, they have expanded their durable medical equipment product line to support users and their caregivers in accomplishing the highest quality of life possible.

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

Dave discovered Web Design by Robin while requesting bids to redesign his website. We were delighted to be chosen by this great company to take on this project, and were eager to get started on this important work with Dave and Lift & Care.

Dave Austin, Founder, and President of Lift & Care Systems, notes,

“We are in the business of providing inventive products that offer both physical and emotional benefits to empower people with disabilities. Our move to a new, expanded showroom allows us to better demonstrate how we can enhance the day-to-day life of our users and caregivers. Witnessing the daily struggles and challenges of our clients has touched our lives personally, enabling us to become advisors first, and salespeople second.”


The key to our proposal was a comprehensive design that centers on accessibility. Because Dave works in an industry where accessibility is at the heart of the mission, it made perfect sense that Lift & Care’s website would be ADA Compliant.

As a part of accessibility guidelines, there needs to be a certain degree of color contrast. Our first task for this redesign was accomplishing this contrast with Lift & Care’s pastel yellow and gray logo. With some darkening, the trademark yellow and gray color combination went from low-visibility to eye-catching. This change helped us meet accessibility guidelines and increased the boldness of the logo.

Our accessibility work didn’t stop at the visual component of things; accessibility also takes into consideration how a website is organized and how easy it is to use. Our next task was taking the existing 200+ pages and categorizing them in a way that was the most intuitive for users. To reflect all of these categorical changes, we reorganized the website menu and implemented a consistent layout for each of the pages in each category. Being able to find what you need, with whatever assistive technology you may be using to navigate online, is essential for an accessible website.

Dave, like most business owners, wants his website to pop up first on Google. Luckily for him, google rewards accessible websites. Web Design by Robin partnered with Results Communications & Research to provide Dave with ongoing SEO and marketing efforts.

Launch date: October 2021

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"Working with Robin and her team of experts really made my job easy. I was especially happy that I didn't have to spend a tremendous amount of my time building the new website. We would meet maybe once a week, review what was done, answer questions, and move to the next stage of building the website. The meetings were always planned out well, sharp, and crisp. My new website gets lots of praise from my customers and staff. It's colorful, bright, easy to navigate, and informative. I love it!! I think Robin has made my new website fresh and modern which is what is needed today in this digital world we live in. She did not over-promise and therefore was accurate and timely when it came to completing everything. I give her two thumbs up and do recommend her to anybody who is serious about building a great website."

David Austin
Owner, Life & Care Systems Inc.


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