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Desktop Website Design and Mobile Website Design for a Law Firm

Business Website Solution

Knight Law Offices based in Mansfield Massachusetts serves the greater Boston area, southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Their focus is on Family, Real Estate, and Criminal Law. This website presents Knight Law, a 20+ year law firm, online for the first time highlighting their vast knowledge and experience! Each lawyer is introduced along with their specialties, education, and background. Testimonials give Knight Law credibility in addition to their certificates and accreditations. Online forms were incorporated to streamline business related processes while making them easy and convenient for the client and attorney. A mobile version of the website was also designed.

Project History

This website was well overdue and part of their business plan for sometime before Web Design by Robin was hired. We were excited to be brought onto this project. The business is long established with a wealth of experience and knowledge therefore it was easy to fill pages with content.  The team at Knight Law was easy to work with and the website reflects their confidence and class!

Launch date: March 2016

Check out this custom designed desktop and mobile website for a law firm. The business owner can update the content themselves in a safe environment.

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