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Spotlight Client: Justice Investigative Services - Raynham, MA

Mark Reilly of Justice Investigative Services has been a professional private investigator for 38 years. His licensed, bonded and insured company has a seasoned reputation for working tirelessly to exceed the expectations of his clients. His solid network of trained and experienced investigators and security agents holds the highest degree of professional standards and strict confidentiality. The company serves clients in Boston, Providence, and nationwide.

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

Website Design

Much like many businesses in 2020, Justice Investigative Services was faced with the difficult task of redefining their business in order to survive the downturn in business caused by the pandemic. Previously they had a template website with outdated information that no longer reflected who they are or what they do. It simply didn't get the job done.

Web Design by Robin was hired to redesign Mark’s website as a useful marketing tool for his business. We started our process with reflection. He needed to assess his strengths and compare them with the current marketplace altered by the pandemic. He had to prioritize the services that still held traction over the services that would now need to be on the back burner.

Next, we strategized how he would successfully communicate these changes, and how he would present his offerings with assurance and confidence to potential clients in this “new normal” work environment.

We used a simple clean design to attract and engage his primary clients - attorneys and executives - looking for two main types of services: investigative services, and security services. The website is professional and precise, which appeals to this clientele. It showcases exactly what Justice Investigative Services does and who they help. The messaging is clear, directing them to the action Mark wants them to take.

Justice Investigative Services is not your standard PI firm, and now their website isn’t standard, either. The newly designed website represents how they stand apart, and defines their specific and unique services. Ultimately this will help them be seen and increase their exposure to their target audience. This is exactly what they needed not just to survive in 2020, but to begin to thrive in 2021.

Logo Design

Justice Investigative Services logo design

When JIS came to us for a new website, they already had a logo, but wanted an update and were open to a complete redesign. Their old logo used the scales of justice and included their full company name, however, the size was so small in relation to the graphic, as to be illegible when used on many items. And while the scales related to their name, it made them look like a law firm rather than investigation and security professionals. For their new logo, they wanted their name to appear stronger, but still focus on “JIS” as that is how they were commonly referred to. Mark also wanted a logo that was professional – no spy glasses! He liked the idea of combining the letters in a creative manner. We did just that with his new logo – the letters JIS overlap, but in different shades of blue, initially looking like an abstract symbol, but upon closer inspection the individual letters become visible. A tagline was added to further explain the services they offer.

Launch date: October 2020

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"Working with Robin was a pleasure. Robin's experience and professionalism ensured confidence and put you at ease with decision making. Robin was remarkable in guiding you through the phases and putting together an outstanding team from design to content. I would highly recommend Web Design By Robin."

Mark Reilly
Owner, Justice Investigative Services


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