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Custom Responsive Website Design for author, podcaster, speaker, Jeff Cohen

Spotlight Client: Jeff Cohen Media

Jeff Cohen has always had a passion for helping others. With 20+ experience, Jeff spends his days speaking, consulting, and writing about life improvement. The overarching goal of Jeff’s work is to help you to reach your fullest potential, whatever that may mean for you. Some examples of Jeff’s work include creating career goals, optimizing leadership effectiveness, and strategizing for collaborative projects and organizational restructuring. With many publications under his belt and a successful podcast called Saturday to Shabbos, Jeff supports people on their personal, professional, and spiritual journeys. He says, "It's all about growth... personally, professionally, and spiritually."

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

Website Design

Between consulting, writing books, creating his podcast, and engaging in many speaking engagements, Jeff has a lot on his professional plate! He decided now was the time to pull it all together into Jeff Cohen Media. The next step was to create an intuitive and professional website; that’s where I came in. Jeff and I were introduced through a trusted partner of mine, and soon after Jeff Cohen Media had a new logo and an online home-base for his clients.

At the core of Jeff Cohen Media is Jeff! Getting his clients to know and trust him is the sole purpose of his new website. Working with a photographer, Jeff now has a portfolio of professional and personable photos that we integrated throughout the website. The easy-to-use style brings together all the unique pieces of Jeff Cohen Media, with contrasting colors, shapes and icons to differentiate between each of his offerings. Jeff has a lot to offer, and his new website makes it easy for users to locate which service they want to learn more about and contact Jeff directly. Mission accomplished!

Logo Design

Jeff Cohen Media logo design

The message that Jeff wanted to convey with his logo was one of journeys…journeys to self-improvement, company improvement, and personal growth. The road/path symbolizes both a journey and growth. The sun symbolizes a positive end-goal. Bright colors and strong typography were used to reinforce the concepts of growth and positivity.

Launch date: November 2021

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"Robin was hands-on from the beginning and helped me shape a vision for my site that was creative, impactful, and accurately portrayed what my business is all about. She offered many suggestions based on her years of experience to enhance the look and feel of my site. I appreciated the speed at which new ideas were executed and turned around for review and approval. Robin was professional, timely, and creative. What more could you want from a web designer?"

Jeff Cohen
Owner, Jeff Cohen Media


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