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Custom Responsive Website Design for a group home construction company

Spotlight Client: Global Property Services & Commercial Investments

Global Property Services is a full-service real estate company that specializes in the construction of single-family and DMH-style group homes throughout Massachusetts including Southeastern Massachusetts, Central Massachusetts, Providence County Rhode Island, and throughout Rhode Island. For more than two decades, Global has provided its clients with the industry’s highest levels of professionalism and customer service.

Global’s President and CEO, Joseph Poillucci, RPA, FMA, formed the company after working as a senior manager for some of the nation’s largest and most respected real estate firms. Mr. Poillucci felt that real estate companies should focus more on clients’ needs and customer service rather than just profits. Our vision remains, “treat each client as if they are our only client, and profits will follow”.

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

Joe found us through a google search and set up a  free consultation to learn more about us. We are sure glad he did. Joe is a seasoned business owner with experience in several areas, including property management, real estate sales, and construction. A few years back Joe sold the property management division of his business and shifted to construction, mainly commercial group home construction. A new website was needed to reflect this change. 

Any time a business goes through a major change like this, it should analyze its marketing plan. While a website redesign is only one part of the plan, it's the foundation for all other marketing efforts.  Now that Joe has a professional website that properly reflects Global Property Services, he can now work out the details on how to drive traffic to the website and new leads to him. He will now be contacted for the services he offers, no longer wasting time answering calls for services he no longer does. Time is money and small business owners only have so much time, Joe wants to spend his time on the things that matter. Redesigning and cleaning up the website was a wise decision, one that will serve him well for years to come.

Launch date: February 2022

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"We recently hired Web Design by Robin to revamp our 20 year old website and give it new life. Her team came up with a new modern, professional design that makes us standout amongst our competition. The new site looks great and is easy to use. Robin and her staff were extremely knowledgeable and handled all the details from start to finish. We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs web design services."

Joseph Poillucci
Owner, Global Property Services


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