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Flint Farm Stand is the local favorite for ice cream on a hot summer night, but offers much much more. They sell vegetables, mulch, firewood, hay, flowers, Christmas Trees, and pumpkins. Flint Farm is a special family place.

Web Design by Robin was hired to create a website to promote all these offerings. While many local families love and enjoy the ice cream, few knew about everything else they do. The farm also has a huge following on facebook to refer back to their website to get full appreciation!

Launch date: March 2010

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"If you are looking for a great web designer - Robin is the one to contact. Flint Farm has had so many compliments on their new website, and that is due to Robin. She worked with us to help people keep in contact with our farm and our products. Once you have your site designed, you can then maintain it yourself very easily."

Beth Flint
Owner of Flint Farm Stand

"Robin provided us with timely and effective service. We had been very out of touch with our website and decided to make major changes this business season. Robin was able to accommodate all of our changes in a timely manner. She also checked in with us before making our updates final, and made formatting changes quickly at our request.

"This was quite a project. I enjoyed being able to set up the content and formatting of the website myself, and having Robin transfer it to the site. I also especially enjoyed the photo gallery page that she was able to add for us. I found it simple and enjoy the easy layout and navigation of our site.

"Robin has been very easy to work with in my first experience running this website. She is responsive to emails and makes changes quickly. I especially enjoy that she has us check in on the changes before finalizing the site and is able to make changes quickly."

Lindsay Dixon
Marketing Director of Flint Farm Stand

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