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Custom Responsive Website Design for a cyber security consultant

Spotlight Client: Critical Prism Defense

Paul Netopski is a U.S. veteran and the sole proprietor of Critical Prism Defense LLC. He began his professional career in the defense and intelligence community as an electronics technician for the United States Navy. Later, he worked for the United States Air Force as a contractor focusing on Information Systems Security for critical mission systems. He then moved on to a position at MIT as an Information Security Representative and then an Information Systems Security Manager & Director of Information Services, Embedded Systems for the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory.

He is respected for his high level of strategic thinking and is knowledgeable in many disciplines including cyber, electronics, IT, contracts, R&D, and engineering. His numerous business certifications and security clearance make it easy for companies to work with him as a consultant. Paul works well both independently and as part of a team, and he has a strong network of professionals and product sellers that enhance and solidify the solutions he can offer to meet a variety of needs.

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

Paul needed a strong, professional website to showcase his skills and appeal to large firms that he would service. He built his first website himself, but it just didn't have the polished design that he needed. By bringing Web Design by Robin into the equation, his website reached that next level of professionalism.

Our first task was to clearly organize Paul’s services. We decided on 5 categories: contracting, consulting, implementation, assessment, and training. His call to action, "schedule free consultation", is the best way for Paul’s potential clients to contact him. Accordingly, we put the link front and center on the site for consultations.

It quickly became clear to us that Paul's business is Paul himself. For this reason, we needed to emphasize his credentials, work history, and talent; he is a leader in his industry and the right guy for any cyber security job. We highlighted Paul on the home page, which leads to the about us page that reads like a resume. Paul also provides a company brochure with even more details about his extensive experience and an overview of the capabilities of CPD.

The website design features computer zeros and ones to represent cybersecurity and color-coded icons to represent each of the five services. We used stock photography to show engineers and other technical staff to represent the companies and individuals Paul is capable of working with. Once the website style was established, we used a clean layout for all the content and forms. The website is easy to navigate, appealing, and professional. This type of design is just what Paul needs to market his services and grow his business.

Launch date: June 2021

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"I knew a website was an important part of my business' online presence and likely the first part of my business that potential clients may see, which is why I went to Web Design by Robin. I had built my first website myself, and I knew it was not the best, and someone doing marketing for me (politely) said the same. I wasn't sure what it would cost me, but Robin has the costs already on her website, making it easy for me to figure out what to budget for building it out. I contacted her, and she scheduled a call so we can discuss my needs. The process was explained very thoroughly, and she had presented me with some high-level options. She set up a location for us to share some content to include on the site, which made it all super easy. She had recommended that I get some other outside help with graphic design, content writing, photographs, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I didn't have people to do this for me, but she had a great network of people she worked with that she recommended. After speaking with those individuals, I took her recommendation. They were all pleasant and did excellent work as well. I never had to call/email Robin asking for status. She kept me informed on the parts I needed to know (not all the minute details) and stayed on track with her delivery date. I saw bits and pieces of the whole site coming together, and Robin had me review the designs & layouts during different steps in the process. When it came time to cut over to the new site, she knew what had to be done/configured to make the switch happen quickly and correctly. The cutover took a few minutes to complete with little disruption. I thought the process was fun and exciting, and I didn't have to know how to do any of it! Robin added some tools to the website and offered ongoing maintenance as well. So my website content management application gets updated quickly, and it also gets backed up regularly. The tools also provide some protection from cyber risks, and she monitors the site for any issues. Thank you, Robin, for everything. I could not be any happier!!"

Paul Netopski
Owner, Critical Prism Defense


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