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Custom Responsive Website Design for a Garden Center

Spotlight Client: Araujo Farms - Dighton, MA

The Araujo family roots go back four generations to 1927 when Manuel Araujo bought the Simmons Farm at 1423 Williams Street. Ken and Darlene’s daughter LeeAnne joined the business in 2000, bringing the fourth generation on board. She has been a great addition to the business, adding garden giftware as well as classes and other events to the mix. Ken, Darlene, and LeeAnne have made a lifelong commitment to the quality of their plants and knowledge. They have been growing 90% of the products they sell for four generations and hope to continue for generations to come. Gardening has become a generational passion for them, as it has for many of their customers.

How Our Web Design Will Help Them Thrive

LeeAnne originally contacted me in the early part of 2020 when she was looking to revamp the website. Her current website designer was retiring and she needed to form a new relationship. The website had been through many iterations through the years and it was my intention to not only create a beautiful modern design but also roll in functionality that would save LeeAnne time on her daily business activities.

Araujo Farms is a cherished place in the community, a place where many go to fill their gardening obsession, but also to gather together in classes and workshops and celebrate holiday traditions. The greenhouses go on and on filled with color and life. For many, this is their happy place. For this reason, we chose a large banner image layout that rotates through full-size photos of flowers, the garden shop, and the greenhouses. A visitor to the website is instantly reminded of how much they love this place. The design also incorporates the history of the farm and its generations of existence in the community with a classic style and comforting color scheme.

When we first took on this project we had no idea how vital the new website would be during the early days of the pandemic. We launched ahead of schedule and quickly provided essential information for customers wishing to shop at Araujo Farms. From curbside pick-up with limited hours to eventual on-site shopping with masks, the website kept the customers up-to-date and allowed the business to open their doors. For a farm that grows its products, springtime is the time for sales. They needed to take advantage of any and all opportunities to do so and the website was how they communicated, it was their voice in an uncertain time.

Eventually, they will get back to in-person classes, workshops, and holiday gatherings. But until then, they are adapting and offering their projects and crafts for pickup. Despite obvious challenges, Araujo Farms is resilient, it is no wonder they are multigenerational and beloved. It was a pleasure to work on this project and an honor to be chosen as their new website relation.

Launch date: May 2020

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"Robin is so patient with the process and very informative of all your options. She put us in the right direction with guidance and confidence! I enjoyed the whole process. She was great to work with on our website. She made it easy and straightforward. Highly recommended by Araujo Farms!"

LeeAnne Araujo
Owner, Araujo Farms